IT Services is our Speciality

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

In today's competitive marketplace, it is important to understand, embrace and master the cutting-edge technologies, that create and enhance value for customers. Stellar IT has and will continue to partner with our clients in their transformational journey from product and service-centric to customer-centric model. Data and information play a key role in getting a 360 degree perspective of the customer. From inception, Stellar IT created a strong emphasis on Data Science and Analytics by addressing our client's data quality, transformation, governance and stewardship issues. Stellar IT clearly understands the importance of data and information visibility and application for real-time decision-making across the organization and most importantly for the executive leadership. 

Quality Assurance and Testing

Stellar IT's matured and talented team is equipped with well-structured QA processes and rich knowledge of latest testing tools and technologies. Our quality assurance model ensures that the client gets highest level of satisfaction, product quality and trust in our service delivery. Stellar IT's services cover independent testing for various customized solutions and products developed for variety of business packages and applications. Our service offerings include: 

  • Functional Testing,
  • Validation Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • Automated Testing

Custom Applications Development

Stellar IT uses state of the art technologies and frameworks in application design, architecture and development to translate our client's IT vision into reality through a tighter alignment with business strategies and goals. Our team is experienced in building and supporting various internal and external facing portals and mobile applications. Stellar IT model is built on proven practices, controls, interfaces and principles that tightly align and harness the combined strength across people, processes and technology across the entire software development life cycle. 


Stellar IT team of though leader's bring well-rounded experience gained through implementation of multiple ERP and CRM projects across a wide-range of industry verticals and a diverse body of clients. Stellar IT's emphasis on business process mapping, re-engineering and change-management had time and again ensured the successful on time and on budget delivery of large-scale programs meeting the requirements specified by each and every client that Stellar had and will serve. 

Cyber Security


Stellar IT specializes in planning, designing and implementing end-to-end security programs that address the Availability, Integrity and Confidentiality of information. Stellar IT also specializes in end-to-end security solutions with a special emphasis on Web Applications, Industrial Control Systems and Managed Monitoring and Response.

Core Expertise:

  • CIS (Center for Internet Security) top 20 controls implementation for Enterprise IT (Information Technology) and ICS (Industrial Control Systems)
  • Manage Comprehensive Continuous Monitoring and Incident Response
  • Threat Intelligence, Managed Vulnerability and Penetration
  • Testing/Correction
  • Single Sign-On/Identity and Access Management
  • Forced Encryption and Encrypted

  • Communications
  • Mobile Device Management and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies and enforcement
  • NIST CSF (Cybersecurity Framework) and RMF (Risk Management Framework)
  • Endpoint protection using Invincea and Crowdstrike
  • Web Security and Content Delivery Networks
  • Managed Systems and Network Security
  • Risk Assessments and Multi-Factor Authentication

Artifical Inteligence and Machine Learning

Advances in the field of artificial intelligence, particularly deep learning, allow machines to solve many problems that were previously considered intractable. Image recognition, voice recognition, and natural language processing are a few of the many areas that can now be automated to human level accuracy. Stellar IT has invested in the capability to develop and deploy machine learning solutions for a variety of use cases. Stellar can work with your organization to identify workflows best suited to machine learning and implement a solution that reduces costs, improves quality, and opens up new opportunities to serve your customers.


  • Image recognition to identify objects and human faces
  • Call center automation and chat bots to reduce dependence on human customer support
  • Text classification and summarization to determine the meaning of natural language text
  • Entity recognition to find names, places, times, and organizations within unstructured text
  • High quality conversion of voice to text and text to voice
  • Natural language translation from one language to another
  • Anomaly detection to identify irregular or fraudulent activity

Core Expertise

  • Identify problems suitable for machine learning
  • Collect and prepare training data sets
  • Develop and train machine learning models
  • Deploy machine learning solutions to practical problems

Practical Solutions

The same high-quality voice technology that powers smart speakers can be applied to call center automation. This means humans no longer need to address dull, routine issues and can focus on fewer, more complex cases. Natural language chat bots offer similar capabilities through a text interface. The result is reduced cost, shorter wait times, and an improved customer experience.

Customer comments, posts, tweets, and other correspondence can be efficiently analyzed to understand what people are saying about your products and services. Customers are more inclined to communicate their concerns in their own words rather than complete a tedious survey. Analyzing natural language text increases the number of customer responses, providing a more complete picture, rather than a limited subset of those willing to complete a survey. 

The availability of low cost, high quality cameras combined with accurate image recognition models make all kinds of disruptive solutions possible. For example, facial recognition is widely used in security applications. Object detection is used to determine what is present in a scene. For example, image recognition can be used to determine if a parking lot is full or a shelf of products is empty. Many routine tasks that previously required human activity can now be automated at much lower cost.