Innovative IT Solutions

The management team of Stellar IT, through years of IT service engagements across a wide range of industry verticals and a diverse set of clients, developed technical expertise, business acumen and intellectual property to provide unique, repeatable solutions to address our client's unique challenges and problems.

The management team embraces the collective strength and complementary skills that come with tactical and strategic partnerships with various technology and software vendors. Leveraging our vast experience, thought leadership and commitment to digitization and innovation, Stellar and it's affiliates are proud to offer the following cutting-edge solutions: 



Building Next Generation Customer Experience with Amazon Connect

Contact Center Solution

  • Understand the business needs & translate into Flows
  • Build the Self-service using Amazon Technologies - Lex
  • Route using Amazon Connect based on Skill or Queues
  • Analyze and get Insight into the contact center 


Machine Learning in Customer Feedback Text Analytics

Every organization collects some kind of customer feedback to measure quality of service. This could come from Web forms, email, social media posts, or voice interactions with customer service. Some of the most salient customer insights come from unstructured data in the customers own words.

Analyzing large volumes of unstructured data has been a manual, time consuming process. With the availability of modern Machine Learning techniques and low cost cloud computing, it is possible to efficiently analyze unstructured customer feedback to understand what your customers are saying about your product or service.

Stellar IT has built a customer feedback analytics platform that can be applied to any industry. The platform accepts natural language text from any source,  or converts voice recordings to text. The platform analyzes customer feedback and produces a range of reports to determine the most common concerns, identify trends, and expose outliers. 

Predictive Data Analytics


Predictive Data Analytics - Detecting Opiod Overdose and Abuse

Application of Precitive Analysis

  • Improving access to treatment and recovery services.
  • Promoting use of overdose-reversing drugs with better education.
  • Strengthening our understanding of the epidemic through better public health surveillance.
  • Monitoring prescription refill requests and alert over-prescription requests.
  • Monitoring purchases of controlled substances – either at regulated or private pharmacies.
  • Reduce the economic impact, deliver improved cost outcomes for rehabilitation models.

Contact Center Automation


Hosted contact center solutions enable businesses to concentrate on their core capabilities while the complexities of a contact center platform are independently managed and its services are tailored to meet the unique needs of an enterprise.

Benefits of Hosted Solutions:

Scalability – Hardware, application scalability and improved workforce can be achieved through hosted solutions. Entire hosted platform and its associated agent pool can be scaled up or down depending on the changing requirements of the business in regards to functionality, seasonal or peak contact periods.

Flexible Technology Integration – Subscription-based hosted model. Allow businesses to adopt and trial new functionality without investing significant time and capital. Hosted solutions can provide access to the latest contract center technologies as they are introduced and eliminate the time-intensive process of building, implementing and maintaining new hardware and software.

Workforce Optimization – Gain superior visibility and control into agent scheduling, monitoring and performance, as well as call-flow data tracking, application management and more.

Reliability – Ensure business continuity and hosted solutions provide the necessary reliability in the event of a disaster. The solution can offer full functionality from the disaster recover site.

Carrier Neutrality – Hosted platforms can allow for more effective capacity planning and trouble management processes to ensure adequate capacity.

VOIP/TDM – Provide enterprises complete flexibility and enhanced contract center capabilities by connecting with both time division multiplexing (TDM) and IP circuits with network interfaces that are independent from applications.

Stellar Services:

IVR & Digital - Greet your customers with great personalized experiences across voice and chat channels understand their intent, build flows to self serve those intents and then if needed, seamlessly route those interactions to best skilled agent.

Contact Center - Route interactions coming over multiple channels like voice, email and chat, and route them to the right agent with full context including integration with CRM.

Chatbots - Highly engaging, conversational experiences, through voice and text, that can be used on mobile devices, web browsers, and Facebook Messenger.