Food Beacon

Rockville, MD – February 19, 2024 – FoodBeacon, a leading innovator in food safety technology, announces its expansion into the grocery store sector with Moti’s Market in Rockville, MD. Moti’s Market has adopted FoodBeacon’s temperature monitoring technology to enhance food safety and quality assurance measures.

FoodBeacon’s patented technology was designed for easy implementation through IoT connectivity into an existing network, resulting in a lower cost solution. This expansion into the grocery store market marks a significant milestone for FoodBeacon.

Moti’s Market, a renowned grocery store in Rockville, MD, recognized the need for an advanced temperature monitoring solution to safeguard the quality and safety of their food products. By implementing FoodBeacon’s technology, Moti’s Market aims to uphold its commitment to excellence in food safety and customer satisfaction. “It’s exciting to see Moti’s Market adopt IoT technology for continuous monitoring of food safety for their customers,” remarked Dipak Thakker, Founder of FoodBeacon.

In an effort for Moti’s Market to maintain the highest food safety standards, we have partnered with FoodBeacon to ensure customer trust and satisfaction, said Managing Partner Tracy Yitzhaky.

Moti’s Market customers can now shop with confidence, knowing that their favorite grocery store prioritizes food safety and quality assurance.

About FoodBeacon: FoodBeacon is a temperature monitoring solution for the foodservice, healthcare, and life sciences industries. Its patented technology offers real-time monitoring and reporting to ensure compliance with industry regulations. FoodBeacon is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety. The key features of FoodBeacon’s technology include:

  • Real-time, 24/7 temperature monitoring, including temperature excursion alerts
  • Low-cost wireless connectivity that does not require a gateway or hubs
  • Compliance and reporting dashboard that provides data analysis

About Moti’s Market: With a vision to create a convenient, kosher, neighborhood grocery store, Moti’s opened in 1999 on Rollins Avenue in Rockville. Featuring prepared foods, Israeli products, quality meats and poultry, little Moti’s Market was bursting at the seams! When the opportunity arose to acquire a location just a few miles away, they seized the moment to expand.  With over 25,000 square feet, their visions grew even bigger! Before long, Al Ha’esh Israeli Grill offered fine Mediterranean cuisine and became a favorite local dining spot. They didn’t stop there! Moti’s started producing Moti’s Pita with baking equipment brought from Israel and Moti’s Salads starring their very own recipes. From the streets of Jerusalem to a corner market in Rockville, Moti’s brings the flavors and aromas of Israel to life.

In 2013, they opened Catering by Moti’s. Catering by Moti’s is the simple way to make special events delicious, easily planned and enjoyed by hosts and guests.  Moti’s has become a hub for quality prepared foods and baked goods, international delicacies, selected wines from around the world, imported cheeses, fresh produce, meat, poultry and fish. Friendly staff includes skilled butchers, bakers and chefs. Together they take pride in serving their customers and neighbors.

Media Contact: Joshua Sircus, Phone: 240-774-0001