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Asset Based Consulting

Stellar’s management team embraces the collective strength and complementary skills that come with tactical and strategic partnerships with various technology and software vendors. Leveraging our vast experience, thought leadership and commitment to digitization and innovation, Stellar and its affiliates are proud to offer the following cutting-edge solutions.

OUD is our solution to gather and analyze data to generate deep insights and actionable intelligence into Opioid Overdose and Abuse.

  • Uses probabilistic models and machine learning/deep learning algorithms to generate a probability score
  • Assists in making more informed decisions related to drug dosage
  • Opportunity to treat at-risk patients with craving-suppression medication
  • Deploy surveillance tools at the state level to provide consolidated analytics

Stellar’s founder, Dipak Thakker, led the research and development team that designed the predictive analytics algorithms for FINRA’s cutting-edge market surveillance technology known as SONAR (The Securities Observation, News Analysis, and Regulation system). While at FINRA, Dipak and his team were charged with developing new technologies to oversee and regulate all US securities markets.

Features :

  • Rule-based engine that automates the process for developing and registering protocols
  • Anomaly detection using AI/ML to identify positive or negative results at the earlier stages of trials
  • Detects clinical misconduct, deliberate fabrication, falsification of data, and human error
  • Centralizes data in a collaborate platform for the research community
  • Built on top of a scalable cloud-based service
  • Incorporates data security while managing and analyzing customer information to enhance decision making
  • Business intelligence module that provides a range of detailed analytics (derived from nature language processing
  • Analytics enables our clients to take proactive, corrective actions to resolve customer issues and increase and organization’s profitability

Stellar LMS is a training management tool that helps firms manage, organize, and deploy training programs across its enterprise. This tool creates an audit trail to ensure firms are meeting continuing education and regulatory training obligations.


  • User, company, and organization management
  • Courseware Management
  • Create curricula, resources and learning modules
  • Easy uploading of SCORM
  • Assignment of courses and tasks
  • Course evaluation and assessment
  • Defines permissions based on company, role, group, and individual users