Welcome to Stellar IT Solutions

Using data to ask deeper questions to get better insights

Understanding the factors impacting products is key to customer success. We bring a competitive edge to data analytics by delivering data science platforms & tools that can impact everything from product quality and process efficiency to regulation and reporting. Our AI services turn data into actionable insights with customized analytics and easily accessible reporting tools, such as dashboards and scorecards, you can see real-time results, spot opportunities for compliance improvement and make informed decisions.

  • Big Data Analysis
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence
  • Data Governance & Strategy

Stellar IT uses state of the art technologies and frameworks in application design, architecture, and development to translate our client’s IT vision into reality through a tighter alignment with business strategies and goals. Our team is experienced in building and supporting various internal and external facing portals and mobile applications. The Stellar IT model is built on proven practices, controls, interfaces, and principles that tightly align and harness the combined strength across people, processes, and technology throughout the entire software development life cycle.

Stellar’s custom application development experience spans across the following industries:

  • Health IT
  • Compliance
  • FoodTech
  • RegTech/FinTech
  • Hospitality
  • Consumer Retail
  • Education and Training

Effective data management is a crucial piece of deploying the IT systems that run business applications and provide analytical information to help drive operational decision-making and strategic planning. Stellar IT helps customers with the full data management process that includes a wide range of tasks and procedures, such as: Collecting, processing, validating, and storing data. Stellar can also help with integrating different types of data from disparate sources, including structured and unstructured data ensuring high data availability and data quality.

Our managed IT services support your fundamental operations and systems

From the foundational infrastructure to the endpoints and everything in between, we leverage proven methodologies and deep vendor relationships to ensure your day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Stellar serves as a prime resource of talent for a diverse set of clients across different verticals, including federal, state, commercial and non-profit. Stellar delivers from a global talent pool tailored to consulting services by leveraging a unique, proprietary recruitment process enabling rapid scalability. Stellar seeks out consultants who are well-rounded professionals with technical experience and have a passion for emerging and transformative technologies.

We value your time and your business. We understand that a poorly qualified candidate can be counterproductive and costly. Stellar follows the same rigorous evaluation process to identify and select only the most qualified candidates that we use when hiring our own staff for internal projects.


Candidates must communicate in a clear, coherent, and convincing manner

Candidates must describe their past experience and challenges in detail to seasoned professionals.

Candidates must demonstrate knowledge of modern development practices and methodologies

Candidates must demonstrate working knowledge of the relevant business domain.


Based on client requests, our professional development staff will measure practical skills offline or in real time. For software developers, we have the ability to present a problem statement and watch as a developer solves the problem in real time. We can also present a more complex problem to be solved offline and checked into GitHub for review. We find this type of test highly effective