ROCKVILLE, Md., May 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Stellar IT Solutions, Inc. (Stellar) announces its acquisition of StanSource, Inc., an information technology services and solutions provider based in Dulles, Virginia. StanSource will continue to operate under its own name as a wholly owned subsidiary of Stellar. Further, the newly created Stellar iDea Labs, an in-house technology incubator, encourages product innovations and solutions by fostering start-ups and fast-tracking them through a highly collaborative process.

Stellar delivers technology solutions from a global talent pool tailored to IT consulting services by leveraging a proprietary recruitment process enabling rapid scalability. With the StanSource purchase, Stellar now employs over 150 employees and consultants.

“Stellar serves as a main source of talent for our clients, and the acquisition of StanSource allows us to expand our talent footprint in the Washington, DC, area,” says Dipak Thakker, CEO and president of Stellar. “This, in turn, allows us to respond quickly to the talent needs of diverse clients.”

The recently launched Stellar iDea Labs focuses on technology gaps in the private and public sectors, using proprietary artificial intelligence/machine learning solutions. The incubator program is currently exploring technology solutions in hospitality, the opioid crisis, contact centers, financial regulation, e-commerce, among other areas.

“At Stellar, we are constantly looking at technology gaps and market opportunities. The incubator enables us to seek solutions,” says Joshua Sircus, COO. “Stellar iDea Labs is unique in that it allows all employees and consultants to bring their ideas in-house using company resources.”

About Stellar IT Solutions, Inc.

Stellar IT Solutions, Inc., headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, is an IT design, development, product solutions, and management company. Stellar is a certified MBE | DBE | SBE consulting firm and has successfully implemented several systems in support of Knowledge Management and Big Data Analytics. In 2016, Dipak Thakker, owner of Stellar IT Solutions, formed Prayag Technologies, Inc., as a government and commercial talent management company. Subsequently, Prayag acquired two other talent management companies, KSIT Consulting, Inc., and Stellar Software Network, Inc. Shortly after, the combined companies were branded under the name Stellar IT Solutions, Inc.

Stellar is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, with offices in Virginia and Ohio, as well as international offices in India. For more information on Stellar IT Solutions, visit